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We make products inspired by the past. Designed for the present, and made for the generations to come. We are in the storytelling and our fine handmade leather goods are the start of a great story. Make it your and put your mark on it. This much-needed feature means that our leathers get better with age.

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Handmade leather goods

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Something About buckle leather

Buckle leather refers to a type of leather that is used in the manufacturing of belts, straps, and other handmade leather goods that require a buckle for fastening. Buckle leather is typically made from cowhide, although it can also be made from other animal hides such as buffalo, deer, or horse.The process of creating buckle leather involves tanning the animal hide to transform it into a durable and flexible material that can withstand wear and tear. Tanning is a process that involves treating the raw animal hide with chemicals or natural substances to prevent it from decomposing and to preserve it for use in leather goods.

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